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Start a Career Improving Your Community

At Integra Rx, we work with all of our professionals to foster a fulfilling, dedicated and pleasant work environment that helps improve our community. If you are driven to make your community a better place, then start here with a career in the Integra Rx family.

An Industry Dedicated to Service

Integra Rx gives its professionals an opportunity to serve their communities and help them get healthier. Start pursuing a competitive career in pharmacology and the pharmacy industry with Integra Rx.

Competitive Salaries

Specialty pharmacies are one of the fastest growing fields in medicine. Integra Rx Specialty Pharmacies offer exciting opportunities for competitive pay, advancement and growth while also giving you the ability to give back to your community.

Giving Back

Integra Rx is dedicated to not just serving its communities, but also improving them. With Integra Rx, our professionals have an opportunity to give back to the their communities through Integra Rx-sponsored charity events. Start giving back with Integra Rx.

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