COVID-19 Information Center

Here for Our Community

3D Wellness is here to support our community. Check back regularly for updates. Learn more about coronavirus and COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

3D Wellness is working everyday to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our communities. Learn about the steps we’re taking to keep our community safe:

Free Contactless Delivery

3D Wellness offers free contactless delivery on all of its orders to ensure the safety of all of our customers. Free same-day and next-day delivery helps our customers safely get their medications.

Cleaning & Safety

3D Wellness is regularly disinfecting contact/surface areas. Employees are wearing masks and washing hands regularly, including after each customer interaction, to keep our customers and in-person visits safe.

Social Distancing

Customers are asked to socially distance by remaining 6 ft. apart, in addition to wearing a mask when entering 3D Wellness.

Critical Updates

3D Wellness is taking every step possible to protect our communities, friends and families. At this time, we are unable to administer potential COVID-19 vaccines at 3D Wellness Pharmacy. For additional information on COVID-19 vaccines, please refer to the CDC. Please check back regularly for critical updates.

Have Questions About How We’re Handling COVID-19?

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